Frank De Lima's Student Enrichment Program was founded in 1980 by De Lima, who serves as the Program's executive director and is one of Hawaii's most popular and beloved comedians. Being blessed with the gift of comedic communication, De Lima knew he could make a positive impact on Hawai`i's keiki. De Lima was so passionate about this cause that the school visitations were funded through his own personal assets for more than 20 years.
The Program was incorporated in the State of Hawai`i in 1995 as a private, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization to primarily provide drug education and drug abuse prevention services to Hawai`i's youth. Since its establishment as a non-profit, the Program serves more than 160 elementary and middle/intermediate schools throughout the state and reaches about 70,000 students annually. It takes De Lima two years to complete the entire school visitation cycle.
Growing up in today's society is difficult. Children are often confronted with negative influences including drugs, alcohol, smoking, peer pressure, bad nutrition, etc. Without the proper support and education, wrong decisions could have potentially damaging long-term effects on Hawai`i's keiki (i.e., failing/dropping out of school, incarceration, substance dependency, obesity, teen pregnancy, etc.) As a result, Frank De Lima's Student Enrichment Program provides vital guidance to Hawai`i's public and private elementary and middle/intermediate school students on the development of positive attitudes and values during their maturational process.

Note from a parent

Good Morning Mr. De Lima,

      Just wanted to let you know I'm friends on Facebook with some of the parents, and some of the postings were of pictures of students writing positive words about themselves and sticking it on the mirrors in their bathroom.

     Post read "After watching Frank De Lima in school today this is what happened at home"... :) thank you, Rosa
Student and Teacher testimonials regarding the Program's school visits by Frank:
Aloha Mr. DeLima,
I would like to thank you again for coming to our school and speaking to our students. Having you explain the importance of education, personal health and giving them tools on how to interact positively with their fellow peers in a funny and playful setting can and will have many benefits. On behalf of myself, Keonepoko School and of course our students we would like to say MAHALO!!! We hope we are able to have you visit our school again next year.  
Chrystel - Keonepoko Elementary School
Dear Mr. Delima,
I would like to express my sincere gratitude for such a very meaningful message that you foster every time you perform for our keiki at Ewa Makai Middle. It's never easy discussing weight concerns with self conscious adolescents but you have kindly shared your struggles and accomplishments in a friendly and humorous way to motivate teens to make healthier choices. You have also explained the differences between establishing a career and a job which will hopefully encourage our keiki to make deliberate choices that will further their journey upon meeting their specific career goals. The students and staff appreciate how you make such efforts to engage our students by remaining abreast of the current music and swag to reach them at their level. More importantly it was wonderful to see such joy and laughter on the faces of all of the staff and students on a early Monday morning that has resulted in more positive culture amongst our entire school. Aloha and mahalo for your service, thoughtfulness and dedication towards fostering a better society of healthy, caring and contributing group of 
keiki of ka 'aina.
Vanessa Ching 
Student Activity Coordinator
Leadership Advisor

Dear Mr. Delima,

Thank you for coming to Ewa Makai Middle school and making us laugh and smile. It was a very educational experience and made me think about my choices in life. I will now do my homework before watching t.v and I am thinking of becoming a doctor. I will keep my self healthy and try not to eat  junk foods. I think that it was great that you came in the morning and put a smile on kids faces especially because it is a Monday. Thank you for all your support and love. I hope you stay with your passion and inspire kids all over the state to stay in school and stay healthy. I believe that you are an amazing role model because you pushed your way towards success. Please come back next year and inspire another group of 7th graders to strive for there dreams. Thanks again!
Love Leadership Student,


Dear Mr. Delima,

Thank you for coming to our assembly and teaching us all about the aloha spirit and how to get a career. I really enjoyed your funny songs. They taught me a lot about how to stay in shape and be healthy so that you can live a long life. Also I found out the difference about careers and jobs. A career is where you work and that place where you love to work. A job is where you work that you don't enjoy but you just work there for money. I will use what I have learned from you in this assembly to strive to do my best in school and work harder so that one day I can get to my career.

                 -Matthew Favela

Dear Frank Delima,


     Hi! I am Brianna, Ewa Makai's 7th grade Vice President this year and I just want to thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to share your wonderful presentation to Ewa Makai. It's nice to see all of the smiles on a Monday morning, it really starts the day great. Your presentation really made me think about aloha spirit and overall living a happy and healthy lifestyle. I also now realize the difference of a job and a career. I know that in school I am preparing for a better future. After learning all of this from you, I've decided to make better choices. I realize that I'm not eating as much fruits and vegetables I'm supposed to on a daily basis. From now on, I know I want to eat more fruits and drink a lot of water. I want to grow up healthy and happy while I can still boogie. Anyways, I really appreciate what you've brought to Ewa Makai. It's made my day!

 Until Next Time,

        Brianna Mo


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